Central Christian Church Foundation

"The mission of Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. is to support and expand Christ’s ministry by encouraging, managing and distributing bequests, gifts and endowments. We are committed to being good stewards."

The Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. was established in order that friends and members of our congregation might have an opportunity to extend their generosity by donating to a permanent fund. These contributions become a financial support for the ministries of Central Christian Church.

The principal of the foundation has grown from an initial gift of $10,000 in 1978 to assets currently totaling over 1.8 million dollars. Each gift to Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. earns income that is dispersed to the church annually. More than $920,000 has been returned to the church to date.

All legacy gifts are managed by a board of directors elected from the congregation; the gifts become a permanent fund in the investment portfolio.

What kind of legacy gifts can be made to the Foundation?

  • Cash

  • Life Insurance

  • Personal Property

  • Planned Gifts

  • Stocks and Bonds

  • Real Estate

What makes this gift different from other forms of church giving?

The Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. offers an opportunity to indefinitely support the church with this permanent fund and only its earnings will be spent. The interest from the investments is given to the church to support and extend the mission of the church.

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift to Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. is a financial gift structured to serve the needs of the church as well as the giver. We invite you to consult with a qualified personal financial advisor or attorney specializing in planned giving. Please make sure your legacy gift to Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. is arranged just as you wish.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(c)3 public charity and your gift to the Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. is tax deductible. Bequests, life income gifts, real estate, or other donations of value are generally exempt from federal estate and gift taxes.


For more information, you are invited to download the Danville Central Christian Church Foundation, Inc. brochure by clicking here.

You may contact the Foundation by calling the church office at 217-442-2915.